The A-PLUS guidebook is a guide to how to set up an Anti-Plastic Union of Students in your school. It covers everything from ways to reduce plastic usage to advocacy and awareness-raising. Please feel free to download this resource and use it to continue the fight against plastic!

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A-PLUS has been conducting webinars to spread awareness about plastic usage, to educate young people on recycling, and to encourage students across India to become involved in the fight against plastics. 




PlastiCity is a podcast series dedicated to educating people about the different aspects of plastic. PlastiCity covers topics from the rise and fall of plastics popularity to the deeper, more technical aspects discussing the seven types of plastics, to the use of bioplastic, to addressing plastic reduction at an individual level the rise of eco-tourism and much more.

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Awareness campaigns have been a major part of A-PLUS since its start.       A-PLUS has conducted awareness campaigns in local markets, malls and even different schools in rural areas.




A-PLUS has carried out clean up projects in schools and in housing societies. We collected the waste and segregate it according to wet and dry waste. After separating the plastic waste we either upcycle it or send it for recycling.



A-PLUS regularly hosts events in order to increase awareness amongst students in the form of activities, while also enhancing their artistic and linguistic abilities, as well as their creativity; qualities very important for an environmentalist.