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A-PLUS has conducted several webinars over the course of 2 years in order to raise environmental  awareness during the pandemic. Our webinars were widely successful with students often mailing back to ask questions regarding the webinars or update us with their progress on their journey as an environmentalist.

A-PLUS Session:
Sat Paul Mittal School

October 2021

First session of the A-PLUS club in Sat Paul Mittal School. The discussion was lead by our representative Nandika Aggarwal. She conducted an ice breaking session and had other discussions with the club members showing them the importance of the impact they can make by just monitoring their own plastic usage and encouraging others to do the same as well.

Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

May 2021

Discussion on plastic pollution in oceans. How can a plastic one throws on the street end up in the oceans? How do plastics affect marine and human lives? Where is all the plastic in the oceans? These questions and many more were discussed during our webinar in GHS Chhauni Mohalla school

Waste Management in India

June 2021

Discussion on Solid Waste management in India, about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and its importance, as well as 4 level segregation of waste in India (Wet, Dry, Sanitary and E-Waste). We also talked about a few activities once can do it home in order to reuse and recycle one's waste.

Solving Global Challenges

April 2021

Discussion on various innovations that are being developed around the globe at this moment, leading the revolution against plastic pollution including methods of removing microplastics from water efficiently, to replacing multilayered plastics with magnetic additives that revolutionize the separation and recycling of plastics. 

Impacts of Plastics on

Climate Change

November 2020

Discussion on the impact plastic has on climate change from cradle to grave. Starting from the extraction of raw-materials needed for the different types of conventional plastic to the emissions produced during processing to finally, the natural decomposition of plastics due to UV rays.

Plastics vs Bioplastics

October 2020

Discussion on the advantages of bioplastics over conventional plastics such as reduced carbon footprint, degradation, etc. Also discussed why conventional plastics are still more prevalent and how we can help to change this.

Bioplastics at Home!

August 2020

Live demonstration of how to create bioplastics after delving into the world of biopolymers, what are they and their advantages. Provided students with a book containing 20 "recipes" of bioplastics which they can make at home.

The Science Behind COVID 19

June 2020

In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, conducted a webinar discussing the science behind the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, how it attacks and what precautions to take to fight against it.

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