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Shallow potential

“ACTION SPEAKS louder than word” my believes are contrary, a person subconsciously chooses to be influenced, some people see good deeds but aren't influenced at all at same time a person can be greatly influenced by a fiction novel, which to be honest practically sounds bizarre that we humans choose fiction over real life. This fundamental flaw is the very basis of my career i.e fashion journalism. At first I agree it sounds basic or sissy but only because people are blinded by its shallow power. There is nothing known as good clothes or bad clothes, it's all about how you carry it ‘our clothes don't carry us, we carry our clothes’. I, as a amature in the field, have learnt that it doesn't matter how expensive my clothes or how luxurious my accessories are as long as I am comfortable and confident with what I wear, fashion journalists have formed such a shallow view about fashion that everything I wear should be top notch, which is not completely true. There is an increasing amount of post-consumer textile waste that is generated in India with an estimated population of above 1.33 billion. Non-biodegradable clothes are manufactured synthetic textiles including polyester, spandex, nylon, and rayon. It may take between 20 to 200 years to fully biodegrade these textiles. It's clearly evident that it is as bad as plastic. We need to understand that climate change and pollution is not a trend and it's not a trend when name brands come with eco-friendly couture , one solution to this is thrifting. When I am full fledgedly part of the industry I want to use my ability to write and influence people through the medium of fashion because it has so much potential and power that we people fail to realise. I am fed up of hearing gen z are our future leaders because the currently 80% of of genz are so blinded by the shallow reality of media and so overly obsessed with trends and the other 20% who are try to make an effort are casted away because there effort aren't “mood”. Well I choose to be the minority because I choose to make a change over merely being a robot just aiming to earn money and nothing else.


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