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Little things

"Small gestures can have a big impact." ~ Julianna Margulies

You know that feeling when someone important to you acts on the things you randomly said in some conversation because they were actually paying attention. Doesn’t it feel amazing and yet surprising as to how the smallest gesture like moving you away from the cars can make you feel. Our earth is no different than us. The tiniest gesture of cutting the milk packet half way instead of slitting a tiny piece off can be so helpful (small pieces are difficult to recycle and are often ingested by animals while scravaging through garbage for food). We are all busy, we are all trying to make ends meet and you can't alway make big gestures. Though our beautiful planet could use some big gestures, but we got to play our part as inhabitants. Like instead of throwing biodegradable waste in plastic bags in public dustbins, empty the plastic when you are throwing it so as to avoid the animals from ingesting it. Or perhaps you could re-direct the waste water from water filters to plants, or you can germinate plants at home instead of buying them off nurseries like they say the more love you give to the plant the more it will give back. These are mere examples as to the habits you can inculcate into your daily life. It is these little things done by all of us that can promise a better life for our future generation. I was recently watching this movie wherein i came across this theory given by James Lovelock, a British scientist. In his theory he proposed that humans are merely parasites and earth is the host body, like when we are infected by a disease causing microorganism then our body in response to the foreign invader often develop an increase in temperature or as we know it as fever. He indicated that the rise of temperature in the planet that is global warming is similar to humans suffering from fever. He claimed that global warming was irreversible and the extinction of current species was inevitable just like how our body fights with the pathogen and medicine acts as a catalyst to this process. And our extinction would be the 6th extinction of its type. But I as an individual and a student believe that global warming is reversible. All it needs is a little bit of effort put forward by each one of us, because it is the little things that can lead to bigger changes.


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