ABC: Aware, Beware, Care

It started with me throwing an empty soda bottle on the road. The bottle stayed there until a

roaring truck lifted that amongst many and dumped it in a landfill. It still didn’t break down

(and will not for maybe another 500 years). This bottle infected the nearby water body too.

The water body where 3 turtles choked on my bottle, and the water body from where I get my

water. All of this for one plastic bottle.

Being part of a generation that is especially moldable, equipped and wiling to embrace

change, I feel the greatest strength I possess is my opinion in this society. Our opinion can

lead to a change if we decide to speak up or it may just always be a figment of our minds.

To spread awareness the first step is to know what the problem is ourselves.

Firstly, and paramount is that plastics do not undergo degradation, thus, stay in the soil for

many years, which affects soil fertility and degrades the soil quality. Furthermore, littering of

plastics in open spaces creates unhygienic conditions, as it acts as a breeding ground for

insects and mosquitoes that cause diseases like malaria and dengue.

Single-use plastic can also be deleterious to water bodies in an abounding number of ways.

When plastic artifacts enter the drainage and sewerage system, they block the pipes and the

drains causing waterlogging. Also, plastic items find their way to the river and other water

bodies, which are then swallowed by fish, seabirds, and other marine species, thus leading to

suffocation and death. In fact plastic manufacturing industries also pollute the environment

by releasing hazardous chemicals in the environment.

Thomas Edison once said, “The value of idea lies in the using of it”. Now most of us might be

aware of the disastrous effects of plastic but how do we make ourselves heard ?

Vital to do is believe in your stance. One needs to not only know what they’re fighting for but

why they are fighting as well. Secondly, one should start at home by banning the use of

plastics, or if used in essential items- making sure these items reach a recycling unit once

they become invaluable . It is also a useful strategy to start by disseminating your ideas to

people your age and thence target all age groups. Blogs, campaigns, street plays , online

webinars are some effective methods of raising awareness.

It is exigent that we act now to increase understanding of the plastic problem so that more

people are empowered to find sustainable solution to this substantial problem.


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