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Cleanup Projects

A-PLUS has been conducting cleanups since 2018. We use these cleanups to bring awareness to people living around the area and sensitise as many as we can. We also have tie-ups with local recyclers who we send our waste to, ensuring the proper functioning of the waste management system.

DPS Interantional

The cleanup in DPS International included collecting waste students produced in classrooms, which was thrown in specially installed plastic waste bins. Students even brought waste from their homes to put in the bins. We manually segregated this with the help of our student volunteers and sent it for recyling.

Patlikul Recyclers

Went to deposit plastic waste packaging collected from nearby orchards. Took this opportunity to interview the recyclers and understand the processes they use.

Taimoor Nagar Market

Collected plastic cups and plates littered on the street after a festival in Taimoor Nagar Market. Encouraged others around to do the same and ended up with quite a few volunteers.

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